Soldanza Banana Chips, 2.5 oz


Soldanza made tasty, versatile Banana into a convenient, crispy and mouth-watering chip. Experience the delicious, natural, authentic flavor and texture of Soldanza Banana Chips.


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Indulge in a healthy and satisfying snack with Soldanza Lightly Salted Banana Chips! Made from perfectly grown bananas, sliced thin and slow-cooked to crispy perfection, these chips deliver a delightful balance of natural sweetness and a touch of salt.

Here’s what makes Soldanza Banana Chips the perfect guilt-free treat:

So ditch the sugary snacks and reach for Soldanza Lightly Salted Banana Chips! The satisfying crunch and natural sweetness will leave you wanting more.

Ingredients:Green Banana, Palm Olein/Sunflower/ Canola Oil, Salt
Weight: 2.5 OZ

From the Brand: Soldanza is produced in the lush, untouched town of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí located in the Northern Lowlands region of Costa Rica. This rugged and beautiful environment inspired our mission to create a range of snacks made from nature’s finest ingredients. Here in this tropical paradise, each Soldanza bite is lovingly crafted by awesome chefs for you and your loved ones.

Our succulent fruits and roots are harvested and selected by hand for perfect texture and maturity. These delightful all natural ingredients are gently fried into golden chips, each one delicately seasoned with natural flavours to produce an irresistible experience.

Soldanza chips are gluten free and contain no artificial colours or preservatives, only natural goodness and an abundance of great flavour. Thank you Mother Nature! So go on, give into the goodness!

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